Judy Oberto Art

Early Work

In the late 70’s and 80’s I dabbled in oils, acrylics and watercolor. Here are two I still have.

“Old English Village: Isle of Wight, England” – NFS
Oils on canvas, image from a calendar. Prints $20 and greeting cards $4.00 available also.

“The Vulcan” -NFS
Watercolor by Judy Oberto, from black & white image
in Seattle newspaper – 1982 Prints $20 and greeting cards $4.00 available also.

I painted the English Village in 1980, from wall calendar photo. It was started in class toward the end of the one semester art class I took at a local community college. Billie Merlino, a local artist, was the teacher.

The next one, the Vulcan, 1982, is a watercolor from a B&W image I found of a tugboat in magazine section of the Seattle PI, a local newspaper. I added the colorful “fog” because I didn’t like the way I had painted it at the waterline – the fog covered my mistake.

2 Replies to “Early Work”

  1. Beautiful work, Judy! Like your husband, my favorite is the boat with the fog! However, I love the English village scene too. You have so much talent! Your work from Anna’s classes is fantastic! Now YOU have given ME inspiration to keep on goin’ on!


  2. Thank you Sandy for visiting my site – it’s not very “professional” but then doesn’t have to be unless and until I decide to sell some of my paintings. I look forward to watching your progress on Anna’s site too. I have been working on a land/mountain/seascape for a few weeks now – what a job after doing those small tutorials with Anna. Some of them took me a while, but not nearly as long as this one is taking. Just so much paper to cover and so much fine detail doing it “Anna style” as I am doing it. At this point in the painting I always wonder if it’s going to turn out, hoping it will considering the time I have invested.

    Thanks for the encouragement,


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