Early Work

In the late 70’s and 80’s I dabbled in oils, acrylics and watercolor. Here are two I still have.

“Old English Village: Isle of Wight, England” – NFS
Oils on canvas, image from a calendar.

“The Vulcan” -NFS
Watercolor by Judy Oberto, from black & white image
in Seattle newspaper – 1982

I painted the English Village in 1980, from wall calendar photo. It was started in class toward the end of the one semester art class I took at a local community college. Billie Merlino, a local artist, was the teacher.

The next one, the Vulcan, 1982, is a watercolor from a B&W image I found of a tugboat in magazine section of the Seattle PI, a local newspaper. I added the colorful “fog” because I didn’t like the way I had painted it at the waterline – the fog covered my mistake.

2 thoughts on “Early Work

  1. Beautiful work, Judy! Like your husband, my favorite is the boat with the fog! However, I love the English village scene too. You have so much talent! Your work from Anna’s classes is fantastic! Now YOU have given ME inspiration to keep on goin’ on!


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